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Every donation goes towards funding masks and sharing information about social distancing, masking, and the importance of staygn at home to stop the spread of COVID-19. We are not a non-profit, so any donation is unfortunately not tax-deductible. 

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Sewing Machine

The 2-layer mask builds on the concepts of the 4-layer mask, but is easier to sew and can be used anywhere a cloth mask is required. Check out the DIY instructions and pattern for the 2-layer, washable cloth mask below. 

DIY Masks

The 4-layer washable cotton mask is intended to improve on typical DIY masks by using four cloth layers to better trap fine particles and by improving the fit to reduce the flow of particles around the edges of the mask, based on industrial hygiene concepts.

Rather than the pleated, 2-layer surgical style, the 4L model has an N95-inspired fit. It is designed to be snug against the cheek and around the chin, with an embedded moldable wire nose bridge to reduce incursion around mask edge.  Four alternating layers of grain-cut and bias-cut fabric should help reduce incursion of large, high-volume, high-viral-count droplets.  The interstitial pocket offers added filtration using any available filter material (HEPA, melt burn, coffee filters, fine copper mesh, etc.). 


It’s easily made by anyone with a sewing machine.  It’s adaptable for improvisation based on local materials shortages during pandemic, such as elastic straps. It takes advantage of the availability of cloth, since plastics and medical materials are in global shortage.  Cloth masks use easily sourced, locally available materials.