To advocate for the health and safety of all and to protect our communities through innovation and sustainable strategies. 


We accomplish this by: 

Innovating sustainable equipment

Providing high quality protective equipment for essential service workers

Collaborating with and educating local industry leaders, employers, and workers

Helping to create jobs to those recently unemployed due to COVID-19



We set the standard for how to respond with a model that is sensitive to local needs to ensure that all people are protected. 








Health and Safety



Radical Interdependence


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Started by Idea Fab Labs Santa Cruz, and Catherine S. Forest, MD, MPH, FAAFP, with the encouragement of Encompass Community Services, followed by the partnership with the Santa Cruz County and Monterey County Medical Societies, we began to address the emerging shortages of PPE. The non-profit working world of organizations like Encompass Community Services workers, followed by the avalanche of requests for help from other front line workers (residential care, janitors, bus drivers, grocery checkers, medical assistants, ambulance services, etc.), and including the news about essential shortages from other states, is what led us to try to get ahead of the curve. We strongly support #SaferInPlace and #SocialDistancing. When absolutely necessary for work or essential services. Every person should be wearing a mask appropriate to level of risk outside #SaferInPlace and we should move immediately toward innovation. We strive for equity in protection for all. If someone's work meet’s OSHA requirements for respiratory droplet protection, they should be wearing NIOSH approved PPE, if available. However, as supplies are drying up globally, we seek to innovate and utilize reusable, local materials and crafters. We are striving to provide the best available protection in the context of the global pandemic in the service of our community and in collaboration - radical interdependence.

Our Model 


At PPE4CC, we help link those who need some types of PPE with those who have it or can produce it. In most cases, cloth face masks and manufactured face shields are readily available locally. One of our partners, Idea Fab Labs Santa Cruz, has arranged special pricing to provide PPE on a sliding-scale using a forward-funded model to meet most needs. This means that if you are able to pay in the list-price range, you cover our costs and become a forward-funder. We depend on our forward-funders to provide the fuel that powers us to meet the greater needs of organizations with much more limited budgets who are heavily impacted while serving the most vulnerable, at-risk populations. (A portion of your payment therefore is a tax-deductible donation.) Your purchase also helps us provide employment to local residents fabricating your PPE. If you are not able to pay in the list-price range, we will strive to provide financial assistance or even a full donation-- depending on the current status of our forward-funding.